VA Examining Possible Link Between Agent Orange, Brain Cancer in Light of Senator John McCain’s Rece

00:06:00 11/01/2018

Tampa, Florida veterans lawyer, David W. Magann, states “Pending the outcome of the new study that is under way concerning the link between glioblastoma and Agent Orange, it remains to be seen whether brain cancer patients who were exposed to the herbicide will be eligible for veterans’ benefits.”

According to current law, the VA provides disability benefits to veterans who develop one of several ailments, but only if they can show they served on the grounds in Vietnam. Veterans who served in the Navy off the coast and those who developed other illnesses, including brain cancer, must apply to the VA for compensation on an individual basis.

McCain endured more than five years in a prison camp after his plane was shot down in North Vietnam. The VA would have assumed he suffered exposure to the herbicide because he served on the ground in Saigon. Nevertheless, McCain never tried to associate any of his health conditions with such exposure, and has been inconsistent in trying to obtain compensation for veterans for exposure during the war.

A representative from the VA said that in light of the questions that have arisen surrounding the possible link between Agent Orange and brain cancer, the agency is again conducting an examination of the subject. Additionally, the VA has requested that a panel of the National Academy of Medicine direct special attention to glioblastoma. Moreover, the VA is currently raising questions pertaining to brain cancer in a survey of Vietnam veterans.

(Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) September 15, 2017) 

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